Notice: These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the committee in charge of Battle of the Teen Bands. When changes are made, we will post a notice on the home page of this website.

Rules and Regulations of the Battle of the Teen Bands
(to be held at the Altamont Fair – August, 2015)

  • Age Restriction: The majority (51% or more) of the band members must be nineteen (19) years of age, or younger. Performers twelve (12) years of age and younger will only be accepted at our discretion.
  • Bands must complete the registration form and payment by the July 17th deadline.
  • Our committee reserves the right to accept or deny any band that is deemed ineligible.

Once Registration is Completed:

  • Bands must perform at least two (2) songs, but not more than three(3), not exceeding a total length of fifteen (15) minutes.
  • Bands must provide their own instruments or make arrangements to use others. We will provide a full back-line including two guitar amplifiers, bass amplifier, five-piece drum set, microphones and sound system.
  • Bands are prohibited from using: (1) any form of pyrotechnic, (2) any equipment that is not used as a musical instrument (example: smoke machine, lighting), (3) any foul, offensive, provocative or inappropriate language, (4) any drugs or alcohol (smoking is also prohibited)
  • Band members must abide by all rules set by the Altamont Fairgrounds.
  • Each band member will receive a t-shirt.
  • Each band will have opportunities to win prizes!